Sacred Space Energy Clearings

We take the time to clean our homes on a regular basis. The dust or debris is something we can see and when we become uncomfortable with it we clear it away.  The energy of our home is no different.  It can attract debris also. It is just that we are often unaware of it until we sense ourselves getting agitated, depressed, tired or unbalanced in some other way.


If an argument takes place in our home the energy of discord may linger long after the argument has ended. Having this energy constantly around us draws more of the same to it, attracting others as well as situations that are also in discord. At times a cycle is developed that seems unending. 

During a Sacred Space Energy Clearing these discordant energies are met with and transmuted into more harmonious one.  As I move through the space I address the energies in each area. I use sacred smudging, sacred water and oils, sacred chants and symbols.  I often times pick up information about an area connected to the discordant energies. The clearing ends with a blessing of the space.

Investment: $150 for each clearing on location or long distance.

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