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My Featured Friend John Campbell

John Campbell

Reflexology is a powerful holistic healing modality. The modality dates back to ancient China and Egypt. Reflexology is a systematic method of reducing stress and tension throughout the body. There is a reflex point on the foot that corresponds to every organ and gland in the body. This helps the body to heal itself by releasing toxins and imbalances throughout your body systems.

John sought out Reflexology in 1992, to help relieve chronic allergies. When he had amazing results, he decided to become a Reflexologist. John has been a Certified Reflexologist since 1995. Along with helping others improve their health through Reflexology, John is an avid hiker, bicyclist and organic gardener.

For more information about John, please check out his website at

To make an appointment with John, call 928-821-0383 or visit his office at 51 Bell Rock Plaza, Suite B, in the Village of Oak Creek, Sedona, Arizona.

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