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Cher-yl Gander Spagnolo

Cher-yl's personal journey since childhood has connected her with many teachers, both in and out of the physical realm. A deep connection with energy led Cher-yl to become a Usui & Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher, Melchizedek Method Facilitator/Practitioner, Gaiadon Heart Master Facilitator, Rising Star Practitioner, StarGate Facilitator, and a Priest in the Order of Melchizedek. Her Conscious Energy sessions, Sacred Space Energy Clearings, Practical Spirituality classes and Exploring Reincarnation sessions reflect her ability to bridge the gap between the spiritual and physical world. In her book, Orbs, Lights & Clouds, Experiences with Nature, Cher-yl shares her unusual photographs along with her profound spiritual experiences. She continues to expand her studies and learn Shamanic techniques in the Inca tradition. She is presently sharing aspects of these Life Transforming processes.

About Light Body Energy Healing

We are living in a world of material form yet at the base of all is energy. As energy beings we live within a luminous energy field. This luminous field is shrouded by debris that we have collected during our lives. We carry within it our fears, traumas, memories, learned patterns of behavior, emotions from this life as well as some of our past lives. In working with the luminous energy field the facilitator releases the debris around a particular issue from a chakra. When your energy field is cleared of that debris you are free to create a different way of walking in your life.

During these sessions we do not change the situation rather we acknowledge/feel how it has hindered us in our lives, as well as how it has benefited us in some way. When the energetic signature around an issue is cleared you are assisted in creating a new map for yourself. This map enables you to step into your life in a new and empowered way.

The circle of healing is complete: transforming, empowering and creating. Once this is done we no longer carry an affinity for attracting similar aspects into our lives. We start to attract scenarios that are more in line with our true luminous energy. Our lives are truly changed. Not only that, the clearing you do also clears that stagnant energy from your ancestors, your children, their children and so on.

The Healing

Light Body Healing sessions and classes are very affective in dissolving the energetic imprints that block your joy and creative spirit. Some of the most profound imprints which may be addressed are:


I have personally experienced this and know first hand the repercussions it has in various aspects of my life. Some of the reactions that showed up in my life related to the incident are:

  • There were times when I would “disappear” from a situation and others where I would over react.

  • When I would receive a compliment I actually felt tightness in my heart area and wanted to run away.

  • I avoided confrontations.

  • Although I supported others’ endeavors, it was a challenge to support my own.

  • I was easily manipulated.

There are times when a piece of us will splinter off to reside in a safe place until we are ready to integrate it back into our lives. I have personally worked many years on these areas of my life and nothing I ever found has had the quick results that I have experienced through my involvement with the Light Body Energy Healing work.


Trauma can be cause by many experiences, such as abandonment, divorce (yours or your parents), child abuse, dysfunctional family, the death of a friend, parent, sibling, child, spouse, etc., a car or other accident and more.

I know that when I was assisting my husband in the last months of his dieing process there was nothing else that existed in my world except for my family. A part of me had to go into hiding to be safe in an uncertain living environment. I actually remember the day, sometime after his death, when I walked outside and was awe struck by the clarity and brilliance of the blue sky. It was as if I had not seen it for years.

Past Lives

There are times when we carry over from our past lives an imprint that can affect how we live our present life. When this happens it causes restrictions in our energy fields that inhibit our growth in this life time. Light Body Energy work helps us resolve the previous life issues which then frees us to experience a shift in how we live now in this life.

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