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Basic Sessions

Basic sessions are used during Transformation and Empowerment periods. These techniques lay the foundation for further work on your Light Body.


In this energy healing session you get to address an issue that has been haunting you. The issue could be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual in nature. As the issue is being addressed you are taken back to the original wounding to find the disruption and the benefits afforded you. Identifying the appropriate chakras is performed and that chakra is worked on. When the chakra is cleared, a new way of being, without the block in your life, is mapped. This enables you to bring into your life the new way of being with your acquired gifts.

Ancestral Cleansing

Our ancestors offer us many gifts as well as many discordant energies streams. These discordant energy streams are passed down from generation to generation and can affect us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. There are ways to honor our ancestors while discarding the discord and honoring the gifts. We then move into the conscious ability to use the gifts unrestricted in our present lives.

Note that anything that we clear in our ancestral line is also cleared for our children, their children and on down the line as well as for our ancestors before us.

Ancestral Altars

These altars are assembled after an Ancestral Cleansing. They are to honor those in your family that came before you. It may be constructed in your yard or in your home. In honoring the beneficial aspect that your ancestor had to offer, you may choose to light a candle or incense on a regular basis.

Standard Techniques

The Standard techniques are used throughout your journey and are important tools for use in maintaining a healthy Light Body.

Shamanic Breathing

This invigorating breathing technique vitalizes the luminous energy field and the chakras.

Awareness Triangle

During this class you move through the three states of disempowerment: Victim, Rescuer, and Perpetrator. You are able to honor the gifts in all aspects of yourself and consciously move beyond the need to express from these three areas.

This work is experiential and you will change from the inside out. You will also be given homework to work on after each session which could last 30 days. Don’t worry it is fun and tailored to your needs. It will enable you to integrate the new shift you have experienced into your everyday life. Change is not only possible it is happening and you will have the tools to ride the wave of change peacefully and with joy.

Full Moon Transformative Fire Ceremony

This fire ceremony is performed in the traditional Inca way as done in Peru. Each participant offers a stick to the fire. This stick represents something that you are ready to release. It serves as a focus for your attention as an active meditation during the releasing process. As you kneel before the fire you then gather up the energy and place it in you 2nd chakra, your heart chakra and your third eye chakra. The fire ceremony is the beginning of a two week process of clearing the item that you have offered up. So it is interesting to take note of what transpires in your life during that time. I have personally experienced dramatic changes in family relationships even though it is only personal issues that we offer to the fire. When we change something within ourselves, change occurs seemingly without effort. These are offered every month around the Full Moon in a local area.

Advanced Sessions

These Advanced Sessions are intended to be used once one has become familiar with all of the Standard Techniques, and has become familiar wih the Basic Sessions.

Soul Retrieval

When a person has been traumatized a piece of them goes into safe hiding. This is a safety mechanism which supports them being able to move more comfortably in their lives at that time. However it does inhibit them from being fully present in their lives in certain situations. A Soul Retrieval reconnects you with that hidden piece and enables you to bring it into your life and integrate it peacefully so that you feel safe to be present to all of who you are.

This is a powerful technique that can be performed after some Illuminations sessions have been completed.

Shamanic Healing Journeys

These powerful journeys enable us to make shifts in our lives so that we live more fully and joyfully in each present moment.

Shamanic Past Life Journeys

This is a profound guided journey taken in a sacred space. Specific information from your past lives will be reveal to you. This offers you the opportunity to resolve stagnant issues that may have carried over from those life times into the present one.

The fee for private sessions is $75 an hour, with an additional $25 for each half hour over.

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