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November 23, 2011

A True Smile

Happy Thanksgiving :)

The wonderful thing about Thanksgiving, at least for me, is that the word itself makes me smile. The memories of family gathered around a big turkey dinner, the laughter and embarrassing moments all blend into one. And my heart responds and I automatically find my self smiling. There are always those relatives that test our limits, push our buttons, tweak our emotions and yet it always seems that what we remember are the moments that make us smile. All those memories become the stories that we share joyously with others.

A true smile is a reflection of where our heart is residing in that moment. The smile flows from our heart as we connect with a memory of something and/or someone we love or are with in that the moment. The other day I was traveling to a mountain to hike. As I connected with the area in my heart I started to smile. When I did my whole body felt wonderful. As I was returning home from my hike I thought, “How is it that this wonderful feeling can slip away so easily?” Then I decided to connect with this feeling that would bring it back into my energy field. And automatically a word came into my mind. So when ever I want to bring back the feelings that I had at that moment I will repeat that special word.

It is very simple and you will find your own special word flowing from your heart.

Start by bringing your attention to your heart. Find something in there that makes you smile. Then connect a word (or even a small action) to that feeling or the thing that elicited the smile. Later during the day when you feel overwhelmed or when you are in the company of a person who usually annoys you, say the word in your mind or out loud. See what happens. The more you do it the more you will feel the results.

You just might find yourself living in joyous creation. For when we are light hearted we attract a higher frequency of options in our life. It is always good to remember, especially at this time, that what we feed is what grows. So take advantage of the opportunity this Thanksgiving to be thankful for all those moments that made you smile and run them through your heart. Feel the flow as it creeps to your lips and creates a genuine smile. Feel what happens to your energy, and observe the people around you and how you affect them. My mother used to say, “There’s one thing you will always look good wearing and that is a smile”. Thanks Mom for sharing your wisdom. And thank you dear reader for sharing your smile this Thanksgiving and where ever you go.

As with anything that I share... please take what resonates with you and leave the rest.

Continue to enjoy the journey, sharing your light with those around you.

Live Aware in Love, Light & Joy,
Cher-yl Gander Spagnolo

“Be The Change You Wish to See In The World.”

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