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October 27, 2011

Powerful Changes

We have all been going through intense changes in our lives especially this past year. One thing that I have noticed is that it has not only brought to the surface what we need to release – it has made it impossible for us to be in anything other than the flow of life. Situations are constantly being put in front of us for us to say yes or no to. I have found that as I let go of the things that used to resonate for me and no longer do, that I become more and more clear on where I am going in my life. The more that I continue to stay in the flow of life as it is offered to me, I receive more and more gifts, monetarily as well as spiritually. Anything that does not resonate with us anymore is that which is ready to leave. Sometimes this is a challenge as we are so used to having it in our lives. Yet change is what this time of 2012 is all about. And it is a change for the better. As we continue to dissolve our issues we continue to grow and connect with different aspects of our true essence… our true self.

We might continue to move in the same direction yet just in a different way. And that is just what I am doing. Years ago when I was first a Reiki Master and living on Long Island, Light Masters would come to me and teach me energetic healing techniques. I would incorporate these into my Reiki session and later into any of the other energy healing modalities I would use. These Light Beings would continue to teach me through out my life. This past year I started to take formal Shamanic training and came to find that some of the techniques are very similar to those that I have been taught since my children were little. So now I am starting to share the techniques in a different way incorporating them into that which I am presently studying. And I would like to share this powerful information with you. This being said, you will start to see some changes to my website.

What I have found through out the years as an Energy Healing Practitioner, is that I was always looking for a quicker way to have change occur and now I have found it. Not only does the Shamanic Energy Healing work faster, I have seen profound positive changes in my children as well as my clients and their children. I will be posting some of their testimonials also on my site for you to read. I am also looking forward to having a space where you can comment on what you read so that those who sign up can have conversations about the energy work that is being presented.

So as we all continue to change and become more of the Light that we are my hope is that you find the journey incredibly enjoyable, if not at least incredibly interesting.

As with anything that I share... please take what resonates with you and leave the rest.

Continue to enjoy the journey, sharing your light with those around you.

Live Aware in Love, Light & Joy,
Cher-yl Gander Spagnolo

“Be The Change You Wish to See In The World.”

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