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September 28, 2011

Peruvian Journeys

I just returned from Peru with a spiritual group traveling with Gregg Braden. What an awesome experience. What I brought back with me was more than I could have ever imagined. I have been on a journey this past year, not unlike that of many of you, of finding those places within me that needed to be released and discovering the hidden gifts that they had to offer me. Now is the time when I am being guided to share those gifts. What this will look like I am not quite sure, yet I am being pulled by spirit to discover this also.

Many of the pieces that have come into place for me were from past lives. Through my Shamanic studies and my trip to Peru I was able to reconnect consciously with aspects of those life times that needed to be resolved. Last year when I signed up for the Peru trip the adventure began. The adventure was not always comfortable, to say the least, yet it was one that could not be ignored. This is the time of realignment that the universe and our times demands of us. No one escapes it. It is the most fascinating time to have been called to be alive on this planet. And I thank you for showing up for this and adding your input to the vibrational frequencies we are co-creating together.

So back to my story…Once I signed up for the trip to Peru interesting things started to happen. I was led into taking Shamanic studies fast and furiously. The first three classes I took were back to back, three weeks in a row. First I was in New York then in Utah. What a whirlwind. It brought up all my stuff and more if that is possible. Yet I began to see tangible results in my children and the way they handled their lives. It was simply amazing. I had always known that every thing we do to clear ourselves trickles down to our children and other family members yet this was happening so fast. I perceive this as part of the times in which we are living. Time is somehow different and we are in the middle of the change that we are creating.

Through the process of moving through four major life transforming classes and then culminating with the trip to Peru with Gregg Braden I found my self living from a different reality base. This base was clear and strong with no junk hanging around it. I am still working on keeping this base clear and strong which I liken to having to brush our teeth every day. Once we arrive at a clear and strong place within our selves there is always more to do and learn. Thank goodness otherwise it would certainly get boring here on Planet Earth.

One of the things I realized is that our past is stalking us and this is the time to address it with diligence. The actions we take now not only affect us, they are affecting our lineage back through time to those who came before us and forward to our children and their children and on. In connecting with one of my ancestors I felt the stagnate energy that I was still holding literally disintegrate from my field. This experience left me engulfed in a clear golden light. The vibration that went trough my body let me know that my ancestor, as well as my life and my children’s life would be different. The signature energy, the invisible wall I had perceived, present in front of me many times, was now gone. It is my responsibility to maintain this clarity which I do by reconnecting with it every day. This can be done by starting any meditation with the Divine Connection and re-establishing the feeling of being in that place in the heart.

While in Peru there were many times when Gregg would have a picture of a place we were to visit on the screen that would send vibrations through my body. I knew I was there before in some other time and possibly dimension. And that this was the time that I was to resolve whatever it was that was calling me. This was a personal experience, for others on the trip did not have this reaction. Each time this occurred I was guided to an area on that mountain, as well as what it was that needed to be done there. Sometimes this was done with crystals or a meditation and sometimes by just being conscious of the light I was weaving while walking the area.

Where life goes from here is anyone’s guess. I am just following the flow of my life to where spirit guides me. I am sure many of you are also experiencing this is your life now. It’s a wonder-filled feeling. When we are in a state of peace our life becomes effortless and the guidance from spirit more tangible in our lives.

I invite you to release the past discord and find the flow in your life. The universe offers you gifts in every situation. I know that sometimes these are a challenge to find yet when we do, we can gather them to use to create a bright new future.

We are changing the world one moment at a time, either consciously or unconsciously, with every thought, word and action.

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As with anything that I share...please take what resonates with you and leave the rest.

Continue to enjoy the journey, sharing your light with those around you.

Live Aware in Love, Light & Joy,
Cher-yl Gander Spagnolo

“Be The Change You Wish to See In The World.”

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