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July 14, 2011

Greetings :)

Change is happening all around us and we are part of that change.

According to the Inca of Peru we dream the world into being. So what exactly does this mean? As a child we start developing imprints, ways of thinking that things are meant to be. Due to these imprints we expect certain reactions to aspects of our behaviors. Some of these imprints come as a result of traumas that we suffered along our life path. Yet each of these can be seen as a learning opportunity, an opportunity to take the challenge to dig deeper and change the imprints.

How do we know when something is an imprint? If your reaction to something is a nine or a ten then it is an imprint. If it is something that keeps you up at night, than it is an imprint. So instead of musing over it in your mind all day…stop and look at the place it is held in your body. Close your eyes and feel the feeling of your response and check in with your body and see where this feeling resides. For these imprints have an energetic signature within our physical cells. When you find it, place your hand on that area, and take yourself back to the first time you remember ever feeling that feeling. It could have been a time in your childhood or teen years. When you know the source of your “This always happens to me” stories, then you have a place to start to change how you view your present situation. This is where the change can begin. Now you have the opportunity to shift to a reaction that empowers you, allows you to speak your truth, and disengage from the pattern in which you were previously caught.

There are some questions that can help you in resolving, instead of bringing blame when a trigger point is activated. How has this limited me? How has this been a benefit to me? With every situation there are both sides and when we acknowledge them, honoring them, we bring it back into balance beyond blame or regret. For example: When I was growing up my father was very strict which produced fear in me. This fear limited my self expression and at the same time it also gave me a place to feel safe. I remember once in high school I was invited to a party that I really didn’t feel comfortable attending. So I hid behind my fathers strict rules and replied, “My father would kill me if he found out.” Even at the time I felt grateful to be able to have a safe way out of a situation that could have been manipulative.

“.. when we empower ourselves to speak our truth instead of defending ourselves we move into another frequency, thus attracting different circumstances and people. These new people and situations that come into our lives will be offering us new insights to be able to see ourselves more clearly.”

Once we have identified the feeling within our bodies and the source of its beginning we can start to release it. To do this find a rock and ask it’s permission to be of help to you in your releasing work. Then closing your eyes and going inside find that feeling place again, feel the feelings in all their intensity and when you have it all, blow these into the stone three times or until you feel they are completely released. Place the rock aside. Then placing your hands on the area of your body where the feelings were caught, start to visualize and feel golden light entering into that space within you. Along with this light, feel love for everything surrounding the situation that was released. Allow this to continue until you feel it is complete. Stand up and shake your body all over and visualize your energy field as a clear light film around you. Now it is time to take the rock outside and place it repsectfully into the ground, asking mother earth to work on dissolving the energy that you placed there. If you have sage or flowers you can also place them in that area as an offering/honoring. Allow yourself to journal anything that comes up for you regarding the situation you released for the next two weeks. This way you will be conscious of the changes as they occur.

As we change our responses to everyday happenings we will start to see a change in our associations and circumstances. For when we empower ourselves to speak our truth instead of defending ourselves we move into another frequency, thus attracting different circumstances and people. These new people and situations that come into our lives will be offering us new insights to be able to see ourselves more clearly.

Once we are clear of our baggage and are in clear communication with our heart’s desires they will manifest within the physical world. What ever we feed with our thoughts and emotions will grow.

There is another aspect to all of this and that is Courage, the courage to face ourselves as we are in any given moment and realize that we are okay, and we can change. That change happens when we consciously resolve our wounds. When we change, everything around us changes also. We are meant to be happy, prosperous, and healthy. All that is in our way is our baggage.

Another thing that I have found to be useful is to use visualization while taking a shower. Visualizing the water as White Light you can allow it to cascade down over and through your body, washing away any issues you are ready to release. As you begin to feel the water’s clearing effects, visualize the issue washing down the drain and dissipating into the earth with love. When the issue is rinsed clear begin to feel your body being healed and revitalized by the cascading water of White Light. Then express your gratitude to the elements for assisting you on your journey.

As with anything that I share... please take what resonates with you and leave the rest.

Continue to enjoy the journey, sharing your light with those around you.

Live Aware in Love, Light & Joy,
Cher-yl Gander Spagnolo

“Be The Change You Wish to See In The World.”

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